A Long History of Innovation in Thermoplastic Extrusions

Recognized for superior quality and product innovation for nearly 50 years, Harvel Plastics (now Georg Fischer Harvel LLC) has been the industry's leading manufacturer of PVC and CPVC piping systems, thermoplastic duct systems, and machining stock extrusions.

Backed by an unwavering dedication to innovation and unrivaled technical expertise, GF Harvel provides solutions for industrial piping systems including process piping, dual containment, acid waste, and high-purity.
Engineers and contractors also rely on GF Harvel's innovative plumbing systems for residential, commercial, and high-rise construction. For hot- and cold-water plumbing applications as well as fire sprinkler piping systems, GF Harvel offers the leading cost-effective alternative to traditional copper piping.

GF Harvel also produces a full range of specialty piping systems for emerging technologies including renewable energy and biotech development.


The Quality Line