A Standard-Bearer in Thermoplastic Extrusions
In a world of constant technological change, outstanding PVC and CPVC pipe extrusions can only be produced by a company with unique skills. Technical mastery, persistent dedication, and testing without compromise—these are the elements that make GF Harvel an international standard-bearer in thermoplastic extrusions. Just as important is a practice founded with the company—an unconditional commitment to customer service. GF Harvel’s technical engineering team relies on unparalleled staff experience and intensive field training, and our sales support staff responds promptly, professionally, and correctly to customer requests.
Today’s market leader in industrial piping systems, GF Harvel stands ready to provide you with engineered solutions designed for the safe and secure conveyance of liquids and gases.
Georg Fischer Harvel’s manufacturing experience reaches back to the development of PVC and CPVC pipe. After producing hundreds of thousands of miles of pipe and extrusions, we know exactly what it takes to create quality. Our experience and growth are behind every inch of GF Harvel pipe.

Production begins with exacting blend formulations of the best compounds available, ensuring that we consistently achieve our desired physical properties.

Single- and twin-screw extruders have a wide-ranging capability of standard 1/8" to 24" diameters and custom extrusions for the production of pipe, duct, angle, solid rounds, hexes, squares, and heavy-wall tubing. Constant supervision and on-line quality testing ensure consistent quality throughout each production run.
Manufacturing Manufacturing Manufacturing Manufacturing
Research & Testing
Pushing the standards of quality has been a trademark at GF Harvel since our beginnings. Highly sophisticated onsite testing laboratories feature industry-leading technology and equipment developed to specifications engineered exclusively at GF Harvel. The industry’s most current understanding of quality is defined right here.
Flattening Resistance

Uniform strength and product consistency are continually monitored through rigorous testing on all GF Harvel products. Flattening resistance is one test method used.
Hydrostatic Testing
GF Harvel’s highly sophisticated pressure chambers measure the extreme pressure-bearing capability limits of all pipe sizes up through 24" diameters.
Impact Resistance
Durability and toughness are continually verified for each production run. Rigorous drop-impact testing at varying temperatures is one way to ensure that GF Harvel products exceed industry standards.
Research & Testing Research & Testing Research & Testing
Packaging & Shipping
Delivering orders properly is vital in maintaining top quality. GF Harvel stores all pipe and extrusions under roof at all times in our carefully managed warehouses. And whether it’s headed across town or around the world, GF Harvel delivers it on time by the best means available, often with one of our own heavy-duty trucks.
Custom Packaging

Advances in packaging make a real contribution to the quality of delivered pipe and extrusions. Special attention to specific customer requirements is given to each GF Harvel shipment. Many products are wrapped in plastic to ensure cleanliness when delivered; boxed for protection and uniformity, making them easy to bundle and stack; or strapped and framed in wood for convenient forklift handling and load shift control.
Packaging & Shipping Packaging & Shipping