Harvel® adds FlowGuard Gold® to CTS CPVC Plumbing Pipe Line

FlowGuard Gold(Easton, PA) – Harvel® Plastics, Inc., has added FlowGuard Gold® to its CTS CPVC plumbing pipe product line. Harvel® high-quality FlowGuard Gold® copper-tube-size (CTS) piping is available in 1/2-inch through 2-inch diameters and excels in hot and cold water applications.

In comparison to copper plumbing pipe, Harvel’s FlowGuard Gold® offers superior corrosion resistance and – using reliable solvent-welding joining techniques – a substantially lower installed cost.

Harvel manufactures FlowGuard Gold® pipe in strict compliance with requirements set forth in ASTM D2846 for materials, workmanship, dimensions, tolerances, pressure-bearing capability, and thermocycling resistance. This product is produced to SDR 11 specifications in CTS pipe sizes from 1/2-inch through 2-inch diameters in accordance with the standard.

FlowGuard Gold® plumbing pipe manufactured by Harvel meets the requirements of NSF Standards 14 and 61 for quality and health effects. In addition to meeting Harvel’s stringent physical performance testing for product quality, this independent testing ensures that pipe manufactured by Harvel neither contains nor contributes harmful substances to transported potable water. CTS CPVC plumbing pipe is approved by major building codes as an acceptable material for plumbing systems.

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