CPVC Industrial Pipe Temperature Derating

Operating Temp (°F) De-Rating Factor
73-80 1.00
90 0.91
100 0.82
110 0.72
120 0.65
130 0.57
140 0.50
150 0.42
160 0.40
170 0.29
180 0.25
200 0.20

The pressure ratings given are for water, non-shock, @ 73°F. The following temperature de-rating factors are to be applied to the working pressure ratings listed when operating at elevated temperatures.

Multiply the working pressure rating of the selected pipe at 73°F, by the appropriate de-rating factor to determine the maximum working pressure rating of the pipe at the elevated temperature chosen.

EX: 10" CPVC SCH 80 @ 120°F = ?
230 psi x 0.65 = 149.5 psi max. @ 120°F


Solvent cemented joints should be utilized when working at or near maximum temperatures. GF Harvel does not recommend the use of CPVC for threaded connections at temperatures above 150°F; use flanged joints, unions, or roll grooved couplings where disassembly is necessary at elevated temperatures.

Threading of Sch 40 CPVC pipe is not a recommended practice due to insufficient wall thickness. Thread only Sch 80 or heavier walls.

Threading requires a 50% reduction in pressure rating stated for plain end pipe @73°F.

Chemical resistance data should be referenced for proper material selection and possible de-rating when working with fluids other than water. Refer to GF Harvel 112/401 Product Bulletin for chemical resistance and installation data.