FlameTech Flame/Smoke Containment Pipe

FlameTech™ Low Flame and Smoke Translucent Containment Piping

A recent breakthrough in material technology has resulted in unique piping with good optical properties and exceptional fire performance characteristics. GF Harvel FlameTech Containment Piping Offers the Following Benefits:

  • Good Fire Performance Characteristics—low flame spread and low smoke generation during fire exposure
  • High heat distortion temperature
  • Chemical distribution tubing can be continually monitored for leaks by visual inspection
  • Requires fewer monitoring sensors and other costly equipment compared to conventional “opaque” systems
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Heat-formable for on-site fabrication of belled ends, sweeps and bends
  • Joined using conventional solvent cement joining techniques
  • Installs quickly and reliably using inexpensive joining tools
  • Compatible with conventional GF Harvel Clear PVC piping products
  • Lower overall installed costs compared to alternative materials where fire performance requirements are a concern

GF Harvel FlameTech™ Flame/Smoke Containment Pipe