Transition Connections

GF Harvel HydroKing® pipe can be connected to copper, brass, valves, and other piping materials using transition unions, compression fittings, specially reinforced male and female adapters, and other readily available transition fittings. Follow the fitting manufacturer's installation instructions for the specific connection being used to ensure a proper leak-free joint. When using compression fittings utilizing brass ferrules, it is recommended that Teflon tape be wrapped around the ferrule prior to assembly to help compensate for differences in expansion rates between CPVC and metallics. Teflon tape is also the recommended thread sealant for threaded connections. Certain pipe joint pastes and sealant compounds contain substances which could be damaging to CPVC and result in system failure. If joint sealant other than Teflon tape is used, contact the sealant manufacturer for compatibility with CPVC. Caution must be exercised to prevent overtightening of threaded connections and compression fittings.

Where water temperatures are 150°F or higher, use transition fittings incorporating rubber seals or other approved specialty transition fittings at the plastic to metal changeover. Follow appropriate safety precautions and manufacturer's recommendations when working with or near open flame during soldering operations. Extreme care must be used when soldering to prevent flame contact with CPVC tubing.