Clear PVC Shapes

Clear PVC Shapes Physical Properties
GENERAL Value Test Method
Cell Classification 12454 ASTM D1784
Maximum Service Temp. 140°F  
Color Transparent  
Specific Gravity, (g/ @ 73°F) 1.33 ASTM D792
Hardness, Shore D 84 ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength, psi @ 73°F 7,260 ASTM D638
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity, psi @ 73°F 392,000 ASTM D638
Flexural Strength, psi @ 75°F 12,000 ASTM D790
Flexural Modulus, psi @ 75°F 389,000 ASTM D790
Compressive Strength, psi @ 75°F 8,300 ASTM D695
Compressive Modulus, psi @ 75°F 307,000 ASTM D695
Izod Impact notched - Method A, with Grain-Comp. Molded, .125 in. bars, 73°F 8.0 ft-lbs./in. ASTM D256
Izod Impact notched - Method A, against Grain-Comp. Molded, .125 in. bars, 73°F 2.0 ft-lbs./in. ASTM D256
Coefficient of Linear Expansion (in/in/°F) 4.1 x 10-5 ASTM D696
Heat Distortion Temp., Unannealed, 264 psi, .125 in. Bars 154°F ASTM D648
Flammability Rating V-0 UL-94